The objectives of the conference are to share and discuss new ideas, experiences, and new policies that are useful in achieving family educational goals in digital era. The discussion material consists of explanatory and praxis aspects. First, the explanatory aspect that comes from the study of researchers. Second, the praxis aspect that comes from the professional experience of practitioners. The discussion material comes from various background studies such as administration, policy, economics, development, anthropology, sociology, vocational education, non formal education, and basic education or another studies relevant to the discussion of family education. The scope of this conference  is to discuss the following six sub themes.

1. Non formal education for child protection and women empowerment.

2. Using ICT in family education.

3. Family as a key to eradicating poverty and hunger.

4. Gender equality education in the family.

5. Education policy in family mianstreaming.

6. Family as the carrying capacity of education.